A Little Bit About Me...

My first dance record was a Technotronic 7" in 1988 at the tender age of just eight years old. Discovering the joys of dance music (and the joys of dancing to it) properly in the mid-90s, I got my clubbing education at the Manor House in Ringwood, OperaHouse in Bournemouth, and latterly, Moondance and Dreamscape events in Somerset. Always one of those clubbers who rarely strayed far from the DJ-box, (if I'm not there I'll be at the bar) I took an interest in the art of DJing very early on and bought my first set of belt drive Citronic vinyl decks in 2001. 

So I've been DJing for almost 20 years now and been lucky enough to play out alongside DJs such as K-90, Slam, Sophie Sugar, Tim Samsara, Beamish and many others through the years. I've also played beach parties and large club gigs in Koh Samui, a full moon party on Koh Phangan, a few bar gigs in London and Singapore, and of course the ubiquitous, legendary, Shannon & Dukes parties, which are always absolutely brilliant. A five year hiatus in Dubai has come to an end and I now live in the beautiful city of Rotterdam here in the Netherlands. 

Yes, I'm older, yes I'm no wiser (but a great deal wider) and yes it seems saldy tragic to see a balding fat man past 40 jumping up and down behind the decks but I just cant help it. This isnt a career for me - Its a means of coping better with the career I already have, and if that means going nuts behind the decks at a bar or party near you, then that's fine with me. I just love playing dance music. I cant help it. I always have. There's no getting away from it.
So stand by for some new mixes coming up. 
Exciting times!